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My printing press

Driftpress is my small, home-based linocut printing studio in Staplehurst, Kent. I am Mark Prestage and have been hand-making linocut prints since I discovered this creative outlet that truly inspires me.

I create the print all the way through from the original idea, cutting the lino and then printing. The delight of the hand-made print is that each one is unique. Variations can be made by using different colours and techniques during the printing process. Large prints are hand pressed, while smaller ones are printed on a modified bookpress. I bought this press on Ebay after it had been outside for a number of years. It dates back to around 1850, and now restored, it makes a perfect way of printing.

My inspiration comes from many places. Nature and the local environment have a large influence on my work. It delights me that people like my prints and enjoy having them on their walls.

Further examples can be seen on Driftpress’s Facebook and Instagram pages.


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